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In the intrest of your patiens' wellbeing it is requested it is requested that:

1. Visitors with cough,loose motions or skin infection should not visit the patient.
2. Children who have been exposed/ to incubating communicable diseases such as Chickenpox,Measles and genmas measles should not visit the hospital.
3. Children less than 12 years of age should not be brought to the hospital.
4. Visitors must wash thair hands after contact with patient's blood or other body substances.
5. Visitors are not allowed to go into critical care aear.

Visiting Time:
10.00AM-11:00AM (Morning)
6.00PM-7.00PM (Evening)

O.P.D Time:
6.00PM-9.00PM (Evening)

Please visit your patient strictly in the time schedule.
Thanks for your co-operation.


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